California Chapter

Anason Abdulla


Farouq Alawdi

Vice President

Jamal Ahmed


Ahmed Hassan


Husam Falah

PR (Public Relations)

Meeting Times

Our chapter meets (with board members only) from 2pm-4pm every two weeks, and once a month for general meeting (open for community members) utilizing a Conference Room located inside a building in the center of Berkeley city.

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Projects in the Works:

Back to School Speaker-Series Event

YLP (Youth Leadership Program)

SLP (Sister Leadership Program)

Summer Trips/Activities

Eid Picnic Trip

Health Fair

Project Feed Support

Financial Workshops

Networking Workshops

General Meeting & Discussions With Community Members.

Community Aid Day

College Visits

College Application Assist Workshops

New Year Conference

End of Year Overview

Get Involved

Get Involved

Send us an email if you would like to donate to our organization!
More importantly, attend one of our meetings to see what we’re all about!


Coming soon!


Coming soon!