Literacy program managed by AAYSP California Chapter

Over the past week, the Ta’alam Literacy program has accomplished a lot (Alhamdullah).

This week, we held our first chia hour with Fruitvale Elementary‘s Adult literacy program and encouraged the parents of our community to join us for Literacy Night held in December in collaboration with Fruitvale. We received tons of positive feedback from the parents and confirmation of their attendance in this event.

Our College Literacy Mentors have started this week at Allendale Elementary where we introduced our mentors with their assigned students and began our literacy block with activities and books that are culturally relevant and appropriate in terms of building their reading and writing skills.

Lastly, to further improve our already experience mentors, we are providing them with additional training throughout the terms; one of which will be held in December.

We are beyond excited for the future of this program!

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