Become an AAYSP Member

No demographic of people can understand the Yemeni community like fellow Yemenis. Our traditions, values and challenges are unique- this is why AAYSP exists. AAYSP is one of the oldest community based, Yemeni-American led organizations in the United States that centers the needs of the Yemeni-American community and their pursuit of K-12 education, higher learning and professionalism. We tailor the support we provide for the community, being mindful of our rich preserved culture and language.

As you know, the Yemeni heritage is deeply rooted in community. Which is why we’ve launched a membership program. There are many benefits to joining AAYSP as a member, here are some:

  • Leadership & Professional Development
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • Participation in Regional and National Events & Conferences
  • Access to Local and National Yemeni-American Professionals
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Expand Your Network of Professional Colleagues
  • Receive a letter of recommendation when applying to jobs and colleges or any other
  • Build Community