Professional of the Month: Feb 2020

AAYSP Yemeni American Professional of the Month: Ibrahim Abbass

We are happy to introduce Ibrahim Abbass to our members and friends. To find more about him and benefit from his experiences, please read the below biography and interview Q & A

Ibrahim Abbass is a principal health economics and outcomes researcher at Genentech. He earned his PhD in public health from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston. Ibrahim has a diverse background with working experiences in health care consultancy/payer, hospitals, academic institutions, and the pharmaceutical industry. He has over 10 years of experience in generating real-world evidence to support value proposition and commercial strategy tactics. Hands on experience in converting real-world data (claims/EMR/national/states surveys/genomics) and patient reported outcomes into results-driven evidence. He led research across multiple therapeutic areas and contributed to efforts to use real-world evidence for regulatory submissions with FDA. Track records of peer-reviewed publication and productive collaboration and strategic agility in multidisciplinary environment.

Interview Q&A

Q: When did and what made you choose the profession or career path that you’re in?

A: Even though I finished my undergrad in pharmacy back in Yemen, I was always passionate about math. So when I had an opportunity to start my higher education journey, I specialized in health economics and outcomes research which allowed me to combine my pharmacy knowledge with my passion for math and quantitative skills.

Q: What were some of the most difficult challenges you faced during college and during the first few years of your professional career?

A: Education in Yemen was unfortunately too prescriptive and dictative. There were not much of discussion, delegation or active participation. However, It was totally the opposite during my grad school. We were expected to participate, form an opinion and debate it with and against our professors. That experience tremendously changed my way of living. As I started my career, the challenge then was how to assimilate with the corporate culture in big firms. I had great mentors who provided the right advice.

Q: Please list 2 to 4 advices that you wish to convey to students or young professionals in our community.


1. Always choose a good mentor. There are many experienced professionals out there who genuinely enjoy sharing their journeys with others

2. You can teach skills, but you cannot teach attitude. Show up everyday to work with the right attitude

3. Be positive. There is always a silver-lining in every cloud

4. Always seek help if you do not know. You could spend hours or days trying to figure out a solution to a problem you are encountering or you could simply ask for help. That will save you time and strengthen your bond with your colleagues.