Professional of the Month: November 2020

Professional of the Month: November 2020

Marwan Al-Aoudi 

Marwan Al-Aoudi grew up between Yemen and California. His passion for medicine started as a young child. To him, it felt that it was the most powerful knowledge to know how to heal people and relieve their suffering. Throughout his teenage years, he kept evaluating his interest until the time came for him to graduate high school in Yemen. He was able to achieve class valedictorian in the country. That gave him a chance to gain a scholarship to pursue his dream of going to medical school. He graduated in medicine from Cairo University. Many difficulties face a medical student, but the biggest difficulty is to maintain the stamina and drive to continue learning regardless of all that goes around you. Being a medical professional takes a lot of sacrifices on a personal level, especially with your family and friends. 

In Marwan’s case, he kept on pushing all boundaries and walls that came across his way post-high school. He left his family, friends, and the town where he grew up to pursue his dream in the medical field leaving all that behind and traveling to the United States to complete his residency to become a surgeon. It was his goal from the start after all and he did not let go of it.  That posed its own difficulties having to convert his mindset from the medical education in Egypt to that of the United States.  During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in NYC, Marwan was on the front lines saving lives and it has been a very humbling experience.


In his own words:

“My challenge was to continue following my dream to become an American trained surgeon regardless of all the obstacles life puts in my way and to be able to use these obstacles to push me to achieve my goals sooner rather than later. I came to the US and traveled to interviews in 13 States to find the perfect place that will help me reach my goal. Currently, I am a surgery resident in NY, and all of that hard work and sacrifice is worth it, and to be frank, the hard work and sacrifice never stops. Loving what you do and seeing its effects on people’s lives makes it worth it.


My advice to all students:

  • My advice to all of you pursuing your dreams, only you can decide what you can or can not do. 
  • It is rare to find the people that will help pull you up to achieve your goals, but when you do find them, never lose them. 
  • Be thankful and grateful to your family and friends for what they endure during your journey helping you to achieve your goals. 
  • Always remember, Hard work pays off!”