Professional Webinar

Optimizing the Job Application Process with Ali Algarmi

AAYSP is proudly continuing its professional development webinars. If you are a professional or college students this is an opportunity you do not want to miss. Join us for a presentation brought to you by an executive recruiter from Robinhood on how to optimize the job application process.

Resume and Cover Letter in Action Workshop with Abraham Alhomadi

Check how to develop your own resume with many valuable resources!

AAYSP Improving your Interviewing Skills: College & Job Interviews

Improving Your Interview Skills: College & Job Interviews with Abraham Alhomadi

AAYSP Resume and Cover Letter: Authenticity & Appeal

Stretch and examine the possibilities of presenting yourself in interesting ways. Sign up for our professional resume chat with Abraham Alhomadi, where you’ll learn the tools and devices to grow your applicability in the workplace

AAYSP Fireside Chat – Navigating the Medical Profession

Join us for a conversation about navigating the medical profession This is an opportunity to learn about the profession.


الجمعية الامريكية للطلاب و المهنيين اليمنيين (aaysp) تدعوكم لحضور لقاء خاص مع الدكتور مروان العودي للتحدث عن مجال الطب و دخول المجال في امريكا.

Join us for a conversation about College Student Affairs with Mona Abdulla

Mona Abdulla worked for many years as a career counselor and has a master’s degree in College Student Affairs. This is an opportunity to learn about the profession and its careers. Will take questions during the live stream.


الجمعية الامريكية للطلاب و المهنيين اليمنيين (aaysp) تدعوكم لحضور لقاء خاص مع منى عبدالله للتحدث عن مجالها و خبرتها في ادارة شؤون الطلاب في الجامعات و الدراسات العليا.

AAYSP Discussion of OUSD Strategic Plan and getting community feedback


AAYSP hosted a meeting on Oct 20, 2020 to collect community feedback after presenting and discussing the strategic plan of Oakland Unified School District. The meeting was attended by a large focus group of community activists, parents, and educators. It was streamed live, here is a recording of it for your review.

تسجيل الاجتماع الذي اقيم لتقديم و مناقشة الخطة المستقبلية لهيئه مدراس اوكلند.

Professional Development Webinar- Mansour Sharha

Mansour is a multifaceted, astute, and performance driven individual equipped with hands-on expertise in technology innovation, solutions engineering, project management, and process improvement. Currently, he is an IT Program Management Consultant at NTT Data Services (Formerly Dell Services), and an IT Core Faculty at Capella University. He is the Network Technology Program Lead within the school of Technology. Mansour served in the University President Advisory Council (PAC) for 8 years representing faculty within the school of technology. He leads the ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology) for key IT programs at Capella, serves in the IRB (Institutional Review Board), school curriculum committee, and closely work with the leadership and development team to design, and develop IT programs (Network technology, Cloud Computing, and Information Assurance & Security). Mansour has more than 17 years of enterprise IT professional and educational experience. He worked for Ford Motor Company, DaimlerChrysler, and currently keeps his consulting current and active. He received his Masters of Science in Telecommunication & Network from the University of Pittsburgh, holds multiple IT and Project Management certifications, he is an MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CCNA, CCNP, CCSP, and PMP certified. Mansour is an active member in his local community, he currently serves as the Vice President of the Islamic Center of Detroit (ICD), a board member of the International Islamic Academy (Private K-12 school), a mentor for high school and early college students (as part of AAYSP in MI), enjoys lecturing and participating in multiple communities and political initiatives.

AAYSP Fireside Chat – Construction & Engineering Careers

A conversation about Construction & Engineering Careers with Monzer Jaber.

Monzer has a wealth of experience in construction management and holds a master’s degree in Civil Engineering An opportunity to learn about the profession and its careers.

Will take questions during the live stream

AAYSP Webinar: College Challenges and Opportunities

We have a special guest for this webinar: Khawla Al-Olefi
Khawla is a Sr. College Coach at Beyond 12’s Oakland office. As a first-generation college student, she graduated from UC Davis, where she earned a BS in Sustainable Environmental Design. During her four years at UC Davis, Khawla became passionate about community organizing and community empowerment and wanted to find a way to empower others through civic engagement. Following her passion, she became a research intern for the Oakland Housing Authority and a sustainable educator for the Sustainable Office of UC Davis. As a College Coach, she works to support, empower, and guide students to achieve their higher education goals.
Please click on the link below to download:

First Professional Webinar:

“Essential of Professional Development”

Our special guest is Mohammed Almathil:

-Since 2003, Mohammed Almathil has served in leadership positions of various organizations. He is passionate about equipping leaders with best practices, skills, and attitudes necessary to grow themselves and their organizations. He has consulted, coached, and trained leaders, managers, and employees in over 150 organizations that are of different industries, sectors and sizes. Almathil is the founder of Mohammed Almathil Consulting, a NY based management consulting company that provides services for business leaders and executives worldwide. He has a track record of designing and delivering effective and impactful leadership development and change initiatives for Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, JP Morgan & Chase, Campbell’s, Fidelity investments, and more.

-In parallel, for almost 15 years, he has led youth organizations, and built robust youth leadership programs, as well trained youth directors all around the United States. He is the Director of Leadership Development for Youth Laboratory, which is the first online library of courses dedicated to youth professional and leadership development. He firmly believes in empowering youth with the skills to lead and succeed, and aspires to develop 1,000,000 transformational leaders by 2030 iA.
-Almathil holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the City College of New York (CCNY), and a Master’s degree of science in Human Resource Management and Development from New York University (NYU). He is also an accredited trainer, coach, and consultant.