List of Programs: 


National Chapter

  • Monthly Webinar: A monthly webinar will be designed for young professionals and college students. Each webinar will be focused on a special topic in professional development and special guests who are experts in their fields


  • Professional of the Month: The professional of the month is a program designed to highlight Yemeni American professionals and their achievement. The program will also document the success stories to serve as an inspiration to other Yemeni Americans. The selected professional will be highlighted through the AAYSP social media platforms, monthly update and during the webinar. If you would like to me highlighted, please complete the google form below.


Michigan Chapter

  • ASK AAYSP (Program Coordinator: Hannan Hanak)
    • ASK AAYSP is a program designed to impact students outside the physical scope the AAYSP-Michigan chapter via social media. Social media is used to distribute videos that discuss a variety of topics that are relevant for students such as the type of colleges, how to pay for college, different college applications, etc…
  • Campus Tours (Program Coordinator: Renee Mohamed)
    • Campus Tours are held at colleges and universities within Southeast Michigan. The program works to introduce students to college life via these tours. Students are able to meet with current students, advisors, and acquaint themselves with the individual universities as well as the process to apply, earn and maintain scholarships and high academic remarks. The by with counselors and administrators of schools in the Detroit/Dearborn/Melvindale area to ensure Yemeni students get the opportunity to get a quality tour experience and have their questions answered.
    • A few goals of this program are to invoke curiosity within students about universities and colleges, and to show the atmosphere of various institutions with tours lead by Yemeni students from the institute’s Yemeni Student Association.
  • College Readiness Workshop (Program Coordinator: Sarah Soofi)
    • The College Readiness Program will provide ease in transitions from high school to college by ensuring that students gain the skills, knowledge and expertise necessary for success beyond high school.
    • Facilitate workshops that will teach students the essentials for successful college admission process (e.g. FAFSA, scholarships, applications)
    • Provide support and guidance to students by serving as a liaison between students and higher education institutions, developing a resource hub/e-handbook, and teaching the proper utilization of available resources.
    • Encourage students to attend events and meet professionals that will assist in building a network for their academic and professional success.
  • Member Relations (Program Coordinator: Ragih Murshed)
    • Member relations is responsible for the recruitment and retention of Board Members. This committee is also responsible for the resolution of issues that may arise amongst board members, load of responsibilities, and potential promotion/re-assignment of due to performance or lack thereof. If you are interested in joining the AAYSP-MI team, please contact Ragih.
  • Mentoring Sessions (Program Coordinator: Malak Almatheel)
    • To offer the students guidance, support and encouragement aimed at developing each student’s competence and character by engaging in fun activities that explore various themes of self-confidence, communication, decision- making, and academic success.
  • Parent Outreach (Program Coordinator: Othman Alaansi)
    • Engage parents to educate them the importance of education, well-being of their students, and provide them with practical advice and strategies to support their children in schools.
  • YAP Day (Program Coordinator: Behar Alhalemi)
    • YAP Day, Yemeni American Professional Day, i​s a new initiative created by the AAYSP Board. With this, we hope to expose students to different types of careers and experiences through various Yemeni American professionals via Instagram Live! Innovative. Virtually Accessible. Free for all.


California Chapter

Coming Soon!


Buffalo Chapter

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