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Abdo Babukr

Born in Oakland, parents born in Ibb Yemen, raised in Contra Costa County. I graduated from Deer Valley High School in 2008, attended LMC and DVC and transferred to UCSC where I majored in Electrical Engineering, I was active with AAYSP during my senior year and first year in Grad school while attending SJSU where I majored in EE with an emphasis in signal processing. I experienced bottlenecks due to my background and being the first one in my greater family to attend University. I received intangible and tangible assistance from my AAYSP mentors. My first job after grad school was a small start up developing an autonomous cameraman. I then moved to Boston area in 2016 where I stayed for a couple years, briefly moved back to the Bay Area and then moved to Phoenix Area for a couple years. Now I’m in Bakersfield Area working for my own consulting company with clients in Southern California.


University of California Santa Cruz

Bachelor of Science Electrical and Electronics Engineering

San Jose State University

Master of Science EE Signal Processing and Digital Communication

Areas of Expertise

  • Software and Hardware for Signal/Image Processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Tutoring (Physics, Mathematics & Engineering)
  • Experienced with Providing Career Consultation

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