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AAYSP has a team of dedicated community members leading the work in the Bay Area to support the Yemeni-American community better navigate the school system. We run two programs in collaboration with the Oakland Unified School District.

Literacy PROGRAM:

The role of the AAYSP’s Ta’alam (Arabic for Learning, Study, Knowledge) literacy program is to help increase the quality and effectiveness of students’ reading and writing skills to improve their literacy abilities. Our literacy program is tailored to our targeted Arab American and Afghan students to help increase the quality of their reading and writing skills.

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM(expanded learning):

The primary goal of expanded learning is to establish a space during afterschool to enhance students’ English literacy skills and facilitate their exposure to art from a cultural perspective. By creating an inclusive environment that resonates with the students’ lives beyond their homes, we aim to establish spaces where both students and their families can actively participate. AAYSP targets students with low literacy rates and others students who can benefit from engaging with culturally relevant lesson plans proving to uplift their confidence

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Higher Education

Promote higher education among Yemeni American communities nation wide.


We are a wide range of talented individuals and professionals who are passionate about elevating our community.


We help students and other professionals by empowering them with all resources they need to succeed.

California Team

Aisha Homran
Aisha Homran
Hello, my name is Aisha Homran. I am a first generation Muslim student who recently completed my bachelors...
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Amani Hassan
Amani Hassan
Amani Hassan is a junior at UC Berkeley, pursuing a major in Cognitive Science and a minor in Education....
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Mohamed Taleb
Mohamed Taleb
Mohamed Taleb is the new Deputy Director of AAYSP. He is a dedicated Bay Area community organizer, who...
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