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Aisha Homran

Program Coordinator

Hello, my name is Aisha Homran. I am a first generation Muslim student who recently completed my bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley. While studying there, I actively participated in several organizations, including the Muslim Student Association, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, and held the position of President of the Yemeni Student Association. By actively participating in these organizations, I have acquired valuable leadership skills and experiences. Aside from my extracurricular pursuits, I have also focused some of my time on researching the global arena with the goal of enhancing my understanding of diverse political systems across different countries. During the upcoming year, I intend to continue with my research while also furthering my education and enrolling in law school. My aspiration is to practice law with the intention of effectively contributing towards our justice system, and assisting those in need.

Why did you join AAYSP?

During my senior year of college, I joined AAYSP and became a mentor to students in the Oakland Unified School District. Upon starting my work with the students, I was surprised to learn that many Muslim students were struggling with their reading and writing skills, and had fallen behind academically. I came across multiple instances of students in the second and third grade having difficulty recognizing letters. As I reflected on our work, I came to realize the pressing importance of our efforts. It became evident that we must persist in our diligent endeavors to prevent further academic setbacks for these students. Throughout the year I spent mentoring the students, I realized that it was necessary to develop a curriculum that addresses many of the areas in which they needed improvement. These included enhancing students’ writing and reading abilities, improving letter recognition, boosting comprehension skills, and helping them recognize sight words. The work that we are involved in holds considerable significance, and I take great pleasure in carrying it out. The ability to give back to my community by empowering its youth has been a true blessing. Therefore, when I was presented with the opportunity to serve as a co-coordinator for AAYSP, I promptly accepted the offer without any hesitation, realizing that the work I had commenced was merely the beginning.

Please define how you interpret: Successful Yemeni Americans:

My interpretation of, “Successful Yemeni Americans” refer to those who have transcended cultural boundaries and surpassed obstacles. It’s worth noting that success is defined uniquely by each individual; for some, it could be measured in financial prosperity, while for others, simply obtaining a high school diploma could suffice. While success may be interpreted differently, as a Yemeni American and a first-generation college graduate, giving back to my community has been my personal definition of success. As a result of overcoming cultural norms that might have held me back, I can now contribute to the betterment of my community.