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Dr. Hussien Huraibi Scholarship

Dr. Huraibi is the founder of HURAIBI PAIN & REHAB INSTITUTE, PLLC, a painmanagement practice specializing in chronic pain and personal injury located in the heart of Dearborn, not far from where you grew up. His other passion includes assisting patients suffering from heroin addiction and those with treatment-resistant de-pression and anxiety disorder using anesthesia-assisted detoxification and an innovative infusion therapy, respectively. A son of Yemeni immigrates, his father was a welder and carpenter and his mother, a homemaker, both managing to raise 4 children whom would later all become professionals serving the medical, legal and pharmaceutical industry.

Graduating from Wayne State University School of Medicine, Dr. Huraibi completed his anesthesiology residency at Yale University before embarking to Dartmouth in New Hampshire to complete his fellowship in Pain Management. Soon afterwards, Dr. Huraibi began his private practice in 2001, and with the support and love of his life and wife of 25 years managed, with Allah’s (SWT) grace, raised 3 beautify children who are all pursing their own educational dreams in human and veterinarian medicine. Currently living in Canton, Michigan, his heart and the hearts of his family have never departed far from the unique culture experience found only in our Yemeni Community here and anywhere else in the world.