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Hesham Hussain

National Board President

Hesham Hussain is a principal program manager at one of the unicorn startup companies in the eCommerce space. He leads a team of program managers in the engineering organization developing e-commerce platforms for large enterprise companies. Before working in technology, Hesham held positions in Energy and Power companies in sales and program management. Hesham is an active community member and has participated in many initiatives and non-profit organizations to help advocate for education and other causes.

Why did you join AAYSP?

The immense opportunities that Yemeni Americans have to pursue education and tab into potential great career opportunities are not seized by our community. I joined with the hope of maximizing the success of Yemeni Americans in pursuing education and rewarding careers

Please define how you interpret: Successful Yemeni Americans:

Success can take shape in many forms. Through the lens of education, success is to attain a level of expertise that enables the person to bring value to humanity and be productive to the society.