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Mohamed S. Alrayyashi


I completed medical school at Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine in 2021. I’m currently an Internal Medicine Resident at WSU/DMC in Detroit, MI.

Why did you join AAYSP?

I joined AAYSP in 2012 to help promote academic success and encourage the youth in pursuing higher education. This organization has made a positive impact in Yemeni American youths whether it is in personal growth and development or career success. I continue to be a part of the group to keep the momentum going and to allow Yemeni Americans to achieve their goals and aspiration.

Please define how you interpret: Successful Yemeni Americans:

To me, a successful Yemeni American is one who had achieved their personal goal or objective in life. It could mean obtaining an advance degree, opening a business, or making significant contribution in their field.